Love, Care and Friendship for Your Pets

Animal lovers have at least one animal in their care – a cat, a dog, a parrot or anything else they might like. However, loving your pet is merely enough when you’re thinking about a life spend with them. We’re talking here about their life – be it 5 years, 7 years, 10 years or even more than 15 years, they should live their life surrounded with friendship, care and a lot of love from you.The-Reason-GPS-For-Dogs-is-Must-Have-Items-For-Your-Dog

A dog or a cat can live a long life if they receive what they need – healthy food, medical care and a safe environment. If you have taken them out of the street, from the pound or from a breeder – this does not matter. What it matters though is the fact that you have taken that animal to offer him a good life, a better life and a safe place to live their life.

The Vet

The first thing you have to do when you take your animal home is to schedule an appointment to the vet. This is essential as the vet is a doctor specialized in animals and he or she is the one to tell you most of the important things you need to know about the health of your pet.

A cat or a dog needs vaccines, but the rest of the animals also need a medical checkout every once in a while. The vet will tell you what food you can give to your animal, what to be careful about when you bathe him and also about possible illnesses.

The Food

No matter what animal you have in your home, you should be careful about what food you give it. The cats and dogs need special food adequate for their size – if you have a puppy or a kitten you will have to give it only what the vet recommends you too. Unless they are still with their mother and have milk, they can’t be given the food that you eat – in some cases it can damage their health, or lead to severe problems.


The same is valid for the rest of the animals – parrots, fish, guinea pig and so on – each of them has its own diet that you have to respect.

Of course, you should also set a special place for them to eat – cats and dogs are the most easiest to train animals about their eating place, while for the rest it’s easy – they live in cages or in tanks, as the fish do.



A dog will need plenty of exercise, and if you plan to keep him or her inside the house, you should also think about a good schedule to walk him/her outside. Dogs will need almost fix hours to be taken outside for their natural necessities – you don’t want to clean the carpets after him. When they are smaller, they will have to be taken out more often, until they can set their organism pet-animal-dog1after the program that you impose.

The cats will need a litter for their necessities, so you won’t have to walk them out,but you will still have to make sure you have enough time to play with them.

For both cats and dogs there are plenty of toys that are available in the stores, so you’ll be able to get something that your pet likes to play with.

When you decide to take an animal home, it’s also important to know some animal care tips, and these you can learn from the vet, from specialized organizations or directly from the internet. Most importantly, you have to keep your animal friend safe and secured, so that you both have a wonderful life together.